Chesapeake Rockfish and Lobster

Asparagus / Bitter Greens / Citrus / Shoyu / Olive Oil


  • Prepare all the ingredients as described.
  • Prepare the terrine one day in advance.
    • Preheat oven to 350°F.
      a. Place the scallops salt and pepper and the egg white in a food processor. Puree into a smooth paste.
      b. Add the cream and mix in until smooth – not longer than 45 seconds.
    • Place the scallop puree in a large bowl over ice.
    • Fold in the lobster, rockfish pieces and the herbs.
    • Fold in with a rubber spatula, incorporating all ingredients well.
    • Transfer the mixture into a loaf pan; be sure to press the seafood mixture into the corners (wet your spatula with cold water and use it to create a smooth surface).
    • Place your terrine in a water bath and bake for 45 minutes to and hour; or until a thermometer registers 145°F.
    • Let the terrine stand at room temperature for and hour; place in the refrigerator.
    • When completely cool, cover with plastic wrap.

On the day you will serve

  • Prepare all the salad ingredients as described.
    a. Make a “broken” vinaigrette with the reserved juice, soy sauce and olive oil, whisk all together.
  • Remove the terrine from the mold.
  • Carefully slice the terrine (an electric knife works great).
  • Decorate your plates with the terrine slices and salad ingredients.
  • Serve with warm French bread.