Howard Saunders, Jr.

Restaurant Manager
Howard Saunders, Jr.

Restaurant Manager Howard Saunders, Jr. joined the Waypoint Seafood & Grill team in 2014 from Kingsmill, where he served the community for 30 years. Immediately before leaving the resort, Howard served as the Manager for Kingsmill’s James Landing Grill.

Howard, originally from Toano, worked as a young man as a busboy at the Williamsburg Inn, where Chef Hans cooked for dozens of heads of state. Howard joined the Kingsmill team after returning stateside following his service in the Army. He started out waiting tables. He quickly became the personal butler for Augustus Busch, the then owner of Anheuser Busch, which previously owned Kingsmill.

Over the years, Howard was hand selected to open new Kingsmill establishments, including The Mill coffee shop, and asked to help turnaround others that needed extra attention. It’s hard to say which part of his reputation precedes him more – his dedication to hospitality or natural ability to make every person he comes in contact with smile and feel welcome. The food, bar none, is what drives people into a restaurant. And the combination of Chef Hans’ dedication to the classics and Chef Kyle’s new school and edgier play with flavors is definitely what keeps people coming back to Waypoint. But once guests walk through the doors of Waypoint, the service takes over. The food can be the best it’s ever been, but if the service is poor, that’s what guests will remember.

“People will remember the food, but they will also remember how we made them feel.”