Honey, Scallops and Spring Vegetable Ratatouille – oh, my!

Did you read about our HONEY OF A COMPETITION and want to try your hand at the winning dish?

Here is Chef John Hausman’s winning recipe!

Cold-smoked Seared Scallops

spring vegetable ratatouille, Bee Balm and honey-pickled fennel salad, Honey and Bee Pollen syrup

Created by: John Hausman

For the Scallops:

  • Smoke the scallops in the smoker on 130 degrees for about 20 minutes.
  • Remove from the smoker and season lightly with salt and pepper.
  • Sear on high heat with oil for 2-3 minutes a side depending on size.
  • Remove from heat and let rest. Brush with honey/bee pollen syrup.


For the Bee Pollen Syrup:

Yield: 1 cup

3 oz Local Honey

1.5 cup Water

¾ cup Sugar

1 each Cinnamon stick

1 each Bay leaf

3 each Clove

4 fl oz White Balsamic Vinegar

1.5 fl oz Vodka

3 Tbsp Bee pollen

To taste Salt and Pepper

  • Combine vodka and bee pollen and stir until dissolved and set aside.
  • Combine all other ingredients and reduce to light syrup consistency.
  • Add dissolved bee pollen mixture and continue to reduce until alcohol is cooked off and syrup consistency is achieved.
  • Cool and remove cinnamon stick, bay leaf, and clove.


For the Honey Pickled Fennel:

Yield: 2 cups

2 each  Fennel bulbs, julienne

.5 cup Local Honey

1 cup Water

1 cup Red Wine Vinegar

2 oz Port Wine

1 ea Orange, zested and juiced

1 ea Bay Leaf

1 T Yellow Mustard Seed

To taste Salt and Pepper

  • Julienne fennel and zest orange, mix, and set aside.
  • Combine all other ingredients and bring to a boil. Let sit for about ten minutes to cool and pour over fennel.
  • Cool in refrigerator. Drain to serve.


For the Spring Ratatouille:

Yield: 4 portions

5 each Asparagus Spears, blanched and bias cut

1 each Zucchini, quartered, seeded, shaved thin

1 each Yellow Squash, quartered, seeded, shaved thin

6 each Cherry Tomatoes, sliced thin

1 tsp Garlic, chopped

1 Tbsp Shallot, chopped

1 each Spring Onion, sliced thin

2 tbsp Olive Oil, extra virgin

1 each Lemon, juiced

Splash White Wine (optional)

To taste Salt and Pepper

2 fl oz Fresh chopped herbs: parsley, tarragon, basil, thyme

  • Heat oil on medium heat and lightly sauté garlic and shallots.
  • Add zucchini, squash, tomatoes, asparagus, and spring onion.
  • Add white wine and cook briefly until squash is tender (appr. 2-3 min).
  • Cool, then season with S&P, fresh herbs, and lemon juice.




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