Honey Citrus Tea Recipe

It’s true. Our judges in the HONEY OF A COMPETITION weren’t sure if there was alcohol in this drink because it was so smooth! Here’s the winning drink recipe from our honey cook-off! Enjoy!

Honey Citrus Tea

local honey, absolute citron, iced tea

Created by: Susan Miller

What you’ll need:

.5 fl oz  Local Honey

.5 fl oz  Water

1.5 fl oz Absolute Citron Vodka

4 fl oz Iced Tea

1 each Lemon twist

What you’ll do:

Blend honey and water until honey is dissolved. This can be done prior if needed in bigger batches.

Fill a 12 fl oz rocks glass with ice.

Pour honey syrup over ice, then add vodka finish with tea.

Pour into another glass to blend thoroughly and garnish with lemon twist

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